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January 8, 2008


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Just a couple of things I want to let you know. 

First, I’ve added a “Submissions Guidelines” link, over there on the right of the page, to both encourage you guys to send in essays and to let you know the format that will make them easier for us to deal with.    

Second, as the site continues to take off (we had more hits yesterday, and again today, than we’ve ever had, thanks in part to shout-outs in both USA Today’s Pop Candy and The Futon Critic), we’ve decided to become less rigid in our structure: Reader Submissions, pro submissions, non-pro submissions, we’ll be mixing it up in the most entertaining, inspiring fashion possible.    

And last: we just wanted to say thanks.  As I’ve written, we had originally intended for this blog to be done by now, but the response – both in submissions and in positive comments – has been really gratifying.  So we’re still here.  Tell your friends, link on your own blogs, and keep reading.  We’ll be here until we’re the only ones left. 

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  1. I’m an English teacher. My students and I are loving and learning from your essays. Good luck, and thank you for doing this…

    Comment by courtney lubs — January 17, 2008 @ 12:31 pm | Reply

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