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January 1, 2008

Happy New Year from WHY WE WRITE

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Bonne Annee from Paris.  There will be no post today, but tomorrow (January 2) you’ll have the pleasure of reading an essay from Damon Lindelof.  Thursday brings us to Katherine Fugate, and Friday will be our second Reader Submission.  I hope you enjoy your New Year’s day – I certainly am – and thanks for continuing to visit our blog.    Editor’s Husband’s Clarification:  Thania is not in Paris with Charlie.  She is spending quality time with her family and no longer allowed to e-mail on holidays.  We’ll see her again on Martin Luther King Day, unless she’s in Arizona.    Which is Thania’s way of saying the two of us aren’t married, or even a couple.  We’re partners, in that work-related, platonic, she idolizes me kind of way. 

 He wishes.

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